Security Analytics and Threat Intelligence Tool

  • Orion enables an organization to transition from a reactive to an active-defense approach.
  • Orion significantly reduces the OPEX and eliminates the TCO for a customer from Infrastructure perspective as it makes use of Cloud services for running heavy machine learning algorithms.
  • Orion is flexible to create custom content in terms of Machine Learning Models which aligns with the Business requirements as well as in identifying those attacks which are UNKNOWN so far.
  • Orion based on HADOOP and SPARK on Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform provides proven technologies which can scale up to Petabytes of Customer data.
  • Orion adheres to the Data Privacy laws by implementing modules which can Anonymize the Internal customer specific data which further gets transferred to the cloud.
  • Orion reduces the Network bandwidth to the cloud by achieving the best compression on the data that gets transferred to the cloud thereby reducing the expenses.
  • Orion implements the Risk scoring algorithms which helps to prioritize the Incidents detected through the platform.
  • Orion provides Interfaces to integrate data enrichment sources like Threat Intel, Vulnerability Information, Asset Inventory, AD Information.
  • Orion targets to reduce the Time to Identify and thereby Time to Contain Attacks.